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  Global Delivery Model                  BREAKING BORDERS FOR BETTER BUSINESS

iBORDERLESS Global Delivery Models -- At IBORDERLESS, we understand how important it is to deliver and support integrated end-to-end solutions -- solutions that, over our history, continue to provide unparalleled value to our customers. iBORDERLESS IT program is built on the iBORDERLESS Global Delivery Model, a strong foundation of mutual support and collaboration.

iBORDERLESS Data Ware Housing

Fixed Price Solution
Prototype Solution
Complete Data Warehousing Solution
Performance Enhancement Solution
Offshore Data Warehouse Support
Reporting Solutions

Fixed Price  Solution
iBORDERLESS's  experienced  Data Warehousing team will deliver end-to-end gamut of  Data Warehousing life cycle in six months viz., requirements gathering, data modeling, schema optimization, system design, data loading and reporting.
Prototype Solution
Prototype Solution is for companies that wants to fully exploit the potential of   Data Warehouse but has an existing basic Data Warehousing setup and plans to add new systems and prototype the new solution.

Complete Data Warehousing Solution
iBORDERLESS provides two options, a. offshore solution b.onsite solution. Offshore solution is a cost effective solution, where most of the development will be done offshore.  Onsite solution is completing total build at the client's site.  The above solutions are end to end
solutions, from requirements analysis to reporting and maintenance and support.

Performance Enhancement Solution
Performance Enhancement Solutions is  for  companies that are handling billions of records and need to improve on their performance

Offshore Data Warehouse Support
Offshore  Data Warehouse Support solutions is offshore support and 24X7 maintenance.

Reporting  Solution
Offshore development of  Business Intelligence Reporting.

To learn more about iBORDERLESS's various offerings, please send an email to
or call us at 408-773-1208.





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