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iBORDERLESS Careers-- At iBORDERLESS, we understand how important is independent is in establishing trust in the capital markets. iBORDERLESS's  Advisory professional provide advice and assistance to enable companies, intermediaries and public sector bodies to mitigate risk, improve performance and add values. iBORDERLESS provides clients a wide range of Risk Advisory Services that can help the client respond to immediate needs as well as put in place the strategies for the long term.


Position: Software Engineer

Job Duties: Research, design, develop, test, install, and support software systems for clients, focusing on Siebel enterprise performance tuning and customization: ascertain user's needs, analyze system requirement, draft functional specifications, design system architecture, develop components and modules, design GUI, create screens and reports, debug, and provide user support. Use Siebel tools, Peoplesoft, EIM, EAI, eScript, XML Adapter, MVS, Unix, DOS, eFinance, Windows/NT, Java, C/C++, Java Scripts, PL/SQL, Oracle, JSP, JDBC, VC++, VB, and Weblogic. Job Requirements: Masters degree or its foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. 1 year exp in the job offered or in a related occupation as Programmer Analyst, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst. 12 months experience using Siebel tools, Weblogic, Java, eFinance and PL/SQL. Terms: $41.60/hour, 40 hours/week, 9 AM 5 PM. Monday to Friday. Contact: Prabu Govindaraj, iBorderless, Inc., 1095 E. Duane Ave., Ste 104, Sunnyvale, CA, 94085. Reference #: I-12-10 Date posted: 07/11/2006

Position: Programmer Analyst

We are currently seeking a Programmer Analyst to plan, analyze, design, develop, customize, install, and support software applications for clients in various business: study clients business process to ascertain their needs in computer applications; analyze system requirements; analyze existing software systems and the impact and compatibility of new features; develop technical and functional specifications; design system architecture; prepare work flow chart and diagram to illustrate sequence of steps of programming; develop prototype; develop various components and modules; upgrade and enhance existing systems; observe display screen and print output to detect syntax or logical errors for the program test; use diagnostic software to detect errors; and provide user training and support. The position will require the use of Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6.0, C++, SQL, HTML, XML, XSLT LISP, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MS Access, MySQL, Windows, UNIX - Sun Solaris/SGI, Linux, AIX, SMTP, LDAP, Sun ONE Directory Server, Active Directory, Oblix, J2EE, Web Services, EJB, Java Servlets, DOM, SOAP, Oracle Application Framework, Net Point COREId, Tomcat, IIS, Siebel EIM, Workflow and eScript. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate completion of college-level courses related to business software design, e-commerce systems, operating systems, computer networks and data management. Please submit resume to resumes@iborderless.com Date posted: 03/19/2008


We are looking for SAP Functional consultants with at least three years experience in financials, manufacturing and CRM.


We are looking for Siebel consultants with at least three years experience and must be Siebel certified.

SOX Consultants

We are looking for SOX consultants with at least three years SOX projects experience.

Consultants interested in Oracle, SAP, Siebel consulting positions forward your resumes to resumes@iborderless.com



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